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In addition to frequency lists for English, we also have what we believe are the most accurate frequency lists for Spanish, containing the top 20,000 lemmas / words in the language. The Spanish data is based on the 20 million words from the 1900s in the 100 million word Corpus del Espaņol, which is the only corpus of Spanish that is 1) large 2) balanced across genres (spoken, fiction, newspaper, academic), and 3) which is accurately tagged for part of speech and lemma (which is necessary to create a frequency dictionary).

The data is available in a number of formats. Click on the links for sample files. To order, see the information at the end of this page.
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The top 20,000 words (grouped by lemma, so salir = salgo, salimos, salieran, etc). You can also obtain the frequency for each individual word form (for salir: salgo, salieran, etc) of each lemma, and you can also have the frequency for the lemma in each of the major genres in the corpus (spoken, fiction, newspaper, and academic).

20,000 lemma list




By word form
By genre




The frequency of all two-word (2-gram), three-word (3-gram), or other n-grams strings. With these lists, you can quickly and easily find the frequency of combinations of words across the corpus, without having to use the corpus interface. In addition, you can specify for which words you want n-grams (e.g. top 20,000 lemmas, all NOUN+de+ NOUN sequences, or all words in a customized 30,000 word list that you send to us).


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320,000 synonyms for 29,000 headwords


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Other data

If there is other data that you could use (without having access to the full text), please let us know. Examples might be the frequency of each word or phrase in a 30,000 word/phrase list, or the frequency of all synonyms for the top 10,000 lemmas in the corpus.



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