Word frequency data

You have selected the [ Word lists + corpus and genre frequency (100,000 words : Academic) ] (non-lemmatized).

This list is unlemmatized. This means, for example, that you will have separate entries for {listen, listens, listening, listened}, but there will not be one total frequency for all forms of the "lemma" listen. If you don't want to see the frequency of each individual word form, and do want just the combined frequency (e.g. all forms of listen), then you will want one of the 5k, 20k, or 60k lists. (More information). If you want to select a different word list, please click here.

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1. Download and fill out the license agreement. This states that you will not give the data to anyone else outside of your university or company (which also means that you cannot post it on the web). You just need to fill in your name and company (if that is applicable), and then send it back to us as an attachment. Also, in the [ID] field in the license agreement, please enter [109823].

Remember that to receive academic pricing, you must send the license agreement from an academic email address (i.e. not Gmail, etc).

2. Once we receive the license agreement, we'll send you a request for payment from PayPal.

3. As soon as we receive confirmation of the payment, we'll send you the link to download the data.

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